Boost Your Immune System before Traveling this Summer with IV Nutrition Therapy

We hear it all the time: ‘Our trip would’ve been perfect, but we got sick while we were gone.’ It makes sense too; you come in contact with lots of people and germs while you travel, whether you’re going by air or sea. Fortunately, you don’t have to let a cold stow away on your summer vacation anymore. Dr. Nithya Mathai recommends boosting your immune system with precise doses of customized IV nutrition therapy before hitting the road. Learn how her personalized IV treatments at Lighthouse Medical Center Regenerative Medicine in Pompano Beach, Florida can help keep you healthy while you travel and all year long.

The advantage of IV nutrition therapy

When it comes to delivering the nutrients your body needs, IV therapy has a big advantage over oral supplements. When you take supplements by mouth, they have to travel through your entire digestive system to get into your bloodstream. This process diminishes the amount of nutrients you actually absorb in the process. 

IV therapy, on the other hand, delivers these substances directly into your bloodstream, which increases the absorption of the nutrients you take in. Dr. Mathai recommends this approach because it provides a variety of health benefits, including:

Because of all these health benefits, IV nutrition therapy can help keep you healthy while you travel. Dr. Mathai also uses personalized IV nutrition therapy to treat several common issues, including headache conditions, the common cold and flu, hangovers, and seasonal allergies.

IV nutrition therapy at work

Dr. Mathai creates a custom blend of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients based on your unique health needs for your IV nutrition solution. Some of the most common ingredients she uses in her IV treatments include:

After mixing your infusion, Dr. Mathai inserts an IV into your arm or hand to deliver your solution. Getting IV nutrition therapy typically takes between 30-60 minutes and is often a relaxing experience. When complete, you can return to your favorite activities immediately.

IV therapy offers results within days, especially increasing your focus and energy levels. In most cases, these improved nutrient levels remain for 2-3 weeks, protecting you throughout your entire vacation. If you’re looking for long-term results, Dr. Mathai can develop a personalized IV nutrition therapy program based on your unique needs and medical history.

Don’t risk getting sick while you travel this summer; call Lighthouse Medical Center Regenerative Medicine at 754-200-2017 or schedule an appointment online today.

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