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Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Lighthouse Medical Center provides comprehensive medical care in an office that embraces comfort and luxury. Their friendly staff pay close, personal attention to every patient, ensuring each one has the time needed to express their concerns and talk with their provider. Under the guidance of our medical staff, the practice also welcomes patients from the surrounding areas in Boca Sunrise, Plantation, Ft Lauderdale, Cooper City, West Palm Beach, Weston, Miami, and Coconut Creek 

With a dedication to integrated care, the team at Lighthouse Medical Center offer individualized treatments from homeopathic and modern medicine. They care deeply for each patient, so they expanded their services to ensure they had the latest technology and resources necessary to relieve pain and restore optimal functioning, whether that means getting back into the game or simply enjoying an exuberant life. Professional athletes, patients suffering from ongoing pain or chronic health conditions, and the youngest family members will all find a medical home here.

As regenerative medicine specialists, our medical staff offers Regenerative cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections. These therapies use the body’s own natural healing abilities to accelerate the healing of soft tissues and to relieve chronic pain conditions.

A full menu of supportive therapies is available at Lighthouse Medical Center, where patients can receive physical therapy, IV nutrition therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. Patients who struggle with their weight also receive the support they need, from diet and exercise planning to the hCG diet and specialized cleanses to detoxify the body.

The team at Lighthouse Medical Center helps each patient achieve the best results by targeting the underlying cause of their problem. The providers develop treatment plans that deal with all the issues affecting each patient’s health, whether the problem is grounded in physical, emotional, or environmental concerns. To schedule an appointment, call the office or use the convenient online booking feature.

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