At Lighthouse Medical Center, serving Pompano Beach, FL, and the nearby region, we see patients regularly who come to us feeling run down and have a number of problems. Often, this stems from their nutrient intake or lack thereof. Fortunately, our Dr. Jason Cheshire can determine the exact nutrient deficiency or deficiencies and provide a vitamin IV. We'd like to tell you about the benefits of it compared to merely taking an oral vitamin supplement. 

How it Works 

At the beginning of your appointment with our Pompano Beach, FL, chiropractor, you'll receive a thorough evaluation of your problems. We'll then conduct the necessary testing to determine if a nutrient deficiency could be causing or contributing to the problem. Then, we provide you with an IV consisting of nutrients selected for your particular problem. You don't take any vitamins except the ones you’re deficient in. 

Why Choose a Vitamin IV 

One of the main reasons is because of its rapid delivery. When you take an oral vitamin supplement, it's a slow process. You must wait for it to break down in your digestive tract and then be delivered throughout the body via your bloodstream. 

Oftentimes, your body doesn't receive all of that particular nutrient through an oral supplement. While some people do experience 99 percent absorbency or close to that, certain issues can hinder the absorption, leading you to only receive around half of that. Ultimately, what this means is you'll still have a nutrient deficiency. 

Some factors that affect absorbency include having a condition like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or not having enough stomach acids. With a lack of stomach acids, your body isn't breaking down the vitamin as well. Digestive enzymes are proteins your body makes to aid in digestion. And if your body isn't producing enough digestive enzymes, an oral vitamin supplement won't break down as well. 

When you opt for IV therapy, you're not waiting any significant length of time to receive those vitamin nutrients because it goes directly into your bloodstream. Since it bypasses your digestive system, you don't have to worry about any issues hindering absorbency, so you receive the full benefits. 

It's a simple process for you as the patient. Rather than having to swallow a handful of pills if you're taking them for multiple deficiencies, you receive treatment for all of them simultaneously. 

Lighthouse Medical Center, serving Pompano Beach, FL, can help with a vitamin IV. It has a number of benefits when compared to other means of correcting a nutrient deficiency. And our Dr. Cheshire tailors the treatment to your unique needs, so you're receiving exactly what you need.

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