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Patrick Crowley (REALTOR)
A miracle=🏆Dr.Jason Cheshire and John Kaplon and the staff couldn’t be nicer. They are so caring, and listened. I came in with extreme pain in my lower back condition called spondylolisthesis, also neuropathy with Extreme pain in my feet. NOW with Wharton’s jelly treatment/infusion=Amazingly=Now NO PAIN! 😇Miracle of science !

Jeff Mumford
I went in for a $30 trial offer I saw on Instagram. I’m a candidate for knee replacement and as a 42 year old coach and avid fitness enthusiast, I’ve been looking for other therapies to help me feel pain free and prolong the need for the replacement.

Dr. Jason Cheshire is great at his craft! I feel like a new person especially after being adjusted by him. I was recommended by a friend about 2 years or so ago and I haven’t gone anywhere else since. Staff is nice and friendly and the office is always clean. I definitely recommend him to any and everyone!

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