It was Christmas week, 2020, when I found myself lying in bed every day from morning till night. I had severe pain in my left leg that prevented me from walking. I could barley hobble to the bathroom, just a few steps from my bed. The pain was unbearable when I stood in the kitchen to get something to eat and take the pain medication that had been prescribed by my primary care doctor. He recommended that I see a back specialist. So, as I lay in bed, I called ever back specialist in my city. Being Christmas week, all the doctors were either closed for the week or completely booked. I was at my wits end. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t remain in this terrible pain!

I prayed that I would find a way out of my misery. The phone rang. It was a friend calling to wish me a Merry Christmas and invite me to a party at her house. I told her that I would love to attend her party, but I was bed bound with pain. She enthusiastically suggested that I see her Chiropractor, Dr. Cheshire, and gave me his phone number. I called and was booked for an appointment for the following morning.

In the meantime, I was using a walker to help support my weight when I was standing. Another friend drove me to Dr. Cheshire’s office. The staff greeted me with a smile. They were all so friendly and nice! I was seen immediately by Dr. Jason Cheshire. He gave me a back treatment, performing his magic, helped me off his table and told me to walk to the end of the hallway. I was puzzled! How could I walk to the end of the hallway? He encouraged me … go ahead. And I did and walked to the very end of the hallway without a twinge of pain. My friend, who was waiting for me in the shade of a parking area, was amazed when she saw me waking down the sidewalk carrying my walker. 

I followed up with treatments and signed on for a three day a week physical therapy plan. I was getting stronger every day! The staff treated me with care and affection, calling my by name, “Miss Anita”. I felt that they were all caring about my health. I talked with Maria about a weight loss program, and signed on with a goal of losing the 20 lbs. I had recently gained.
I am so thankful to my friend for her phone call and recommendation to see Dr. Cheshire. My quality of life has improved so much! I feel that I can go to his office any time and always be welcomed with a smile.

Gary N.
Professional, pleasant and cordial

Amy S.
Dr. Mathia is one of the kindest professions I have ever met. She truly listens to your concerns & is very intuitive to your body’s needs. I have been in chronic pain & she has guided me to an alternative plan to manage my pain that even my regular doctors could not offer. Highly recommend Dr. Mathia!!!!

Amy S.
I cannot say enough about Dr.Chesire. I am facing a Lower Back Fusion/Hip Replacement (need both at same time). Needless to say I am in Massive, Unbearable Pain. My doctors have very little to offer me in the form of Pain Management as I have exceeded them all. Dr. Chesire & his team have been the ONLY ones who have been able to help manage my pain. I Thank God for this man & his team. I HIGHLY recommend this office if you are in pain or need Chiropractic/Natural Alternative Services. Thank you Dr. Chesire!!!

Ricardo F.
Just the best ,staff and facility #1

Barbara G.

Henry J.
I felt welcomed. Very good customer service. Keep up the good work.

Cristalia A.
Awsome! Staff are very friendly

Julie G.
Stem cell therapy is the most amazing treatment. I highly recommend it to everyone. Best medical decision of my life!! Lighthouse Medical Center and Dr. Nithya Mathai and her staff will care for you as if you were the most important patient of all. Extremely caring!!!

Caroline R.
A little wait but not to long.

Michael D.
Great staff,A +++

Shaila K.
This was THE BEST needle into my vein EVER!! She is so quick and gentle and right on, did not feel a thing!!

Cindy K.
Excellent service and personal care. Highly recommend.

Nancy B.
A happy place. Very kind and caring. Truly outstanding as I have always received smiles and help when needed the most!

Ruby S.
I highly recommend. The doctors answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable!

Dorothy S.
Dr M was cheerful and on time. She talked me through the entire ultra sound evaluation and advised me regarding continued improvement over the next year and a half. I look forward to my next assessment in three months

Karen S.
Nithya is always delightful and very knowledgeable.

Steve Z.
My stem cell treatment has exceeded all my expectations. I had torn my meniscus in my left knee for a second time and with the treatment have made a complete my recovery. I had torn it once before and had surgery which helped but did not totally solve the problem. The pain never completely went away and I always had to be careful not to damage it further. A month after the stem cell treatment I didn't have any more pain in my knee. It's now six months out and it feels terrific. I heartily recommend checking out the stem cell treatment at Lighthouse Medical Center. The staff is very friendly and work with you to achieve the best result. Thank you Lighthouse Medical Steve Z

Judith S.
Very professional and caring.

Shaila K.
They were so wonderful, friendly answered all my questions, and made my 9 year old feel very safe in their care!

Cindy K.
Excellent. Highly recommend.

Patient J.
I just wanted to share that my experience with Dr. Nithya was a true blessing . I have no pain or swelling whatsoever and feel like I never had a knee problem at all, and this is only my first day after the stem cell injection!! This is truly a miracle from God !! Dr. Nithya was the most caring and compassionate provider I have ever known! She even took care of my blood pressure and today I have no more headaches! God bless you all. Patient J

Cheryl V.
Best of care, wonderful Doctors and Staff! Couldn’t be happier with my experiences.

Jay L.
Very easy to talk to. Believes with a healthy diet and regular exercise you can avoid most if not all medicines. Seems to be willing to work with her Pts. with that as the goal.Not adverse to using medication as a last resort. Initial reaction was very hopeful. Looking forward to being a pt. with positive results under her care.

Chantelle G.
My name is Chantal G. in this is my testimonial concerning my health and the improvement I experienced after having the Stem cells administrated by Dr. Mathai a few weeks ago. I was debilitated and suffering from symptoms related to Shingles. My energy was low, mentally I felt exhausted because of the pain and add to all this was a sciatica and knee pain on my left leg. A friend of mine suggested that I should assist to a seminar given by Dr. Jason. I was curious to know more about this technique. I was very much impressed with the presentation and I have decided to try it .The Doctor and her staff were very professional, I run some test to see if I was a good candidate for it. After a meeting the green light was given to me.I made an appointment and the procedure lasted 20 minutes. I decided to have some vitamins added to boost my immune system. I was told that I will start to see the effects between 3 to 6 weeks. Needless to say that exactly three weeks after I started to see the improvements. My energy level went up, my pain in my right arm was only 10% compared to the one I suffered before, my mental activity increased, my sciatica gone and I am a little bit shy to say that my libido went up. I am a 74 years young lady.I hope this treatment will help future patients, it did it for me.

Ana D.
I’m very please they were kind and caring.Dr.Nithya and Gabby love you guys thank you for putting up with me. You’re the best.

Bill K.
Very satisfied with the professional and personable care received. Highly recommend.

Dave M.
Thank you guys. Feeling great. Have a great weekend

Barbara Y.
These professionals truly listen and study your condition in an effort to make you well. Extremely pleased with Lighthouse Medical Center!

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