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Neuropathy is pain, weakness, and numbness experienced in the arms, hands, legs, and feet most commonly due to damage to nerve axons. The pain from peripheral neuropathy is often described as a tingling or burning sensation. There is no specific length of time that the pain exists, but symptoms often get worse as time goes on. Neuropathy is often associated with poor nutrition, a number of diseases, and pressure or trauma, but many cases have no known reason.

Since neuropathy affects three components of a nerve--the motor, sensory, and autonomic components--your symptoms varies. This means it can affect nerves that control muscle movement (motor nerves) and those that detect sensations such as coldness or pain (sensory nerves).

The symptoms can be cramps, muscle weakness, spasm, or loss of balance and coordination. Patients may have difficulty walking or running and may often stumble. Some other symptoms can be tingling, numbness, pinching, and impairment of position. Often times, burning, freezing, or tingling sensations are experienced. Neuropathy may also affect organs such as the heart, blood vessels, bladder, or intestines, and can lead to problems with blood pressure and heart rate, constipation, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, and other symptoms.

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